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We do not have kittens for sale.

All the kittens in the breeding and pet are always sold with a contract and are vaccinated, wormed and have vaccination card. Kittens from us go to new homes healthy, loving and learned to cat litter and fully accustomed to family life.
FOR SALE : This kitten is available
We have a serious buyer interested in the kitten with no deposit given at this time.
We retrain the right of refusal if another buyer  expresses interest in the kitten,
and commitments is no given by the first party.
A deposit paid on kitten. This kitten will be held for the buyer until the
contractual time full payment is due.
Deposits are non - refundable !
We are aware that circumstances change and it is not always possible to take possession of a cat or kitten as originally planned.
Deposits will be considered payment for boarding,
grooming and lost opportunities for placement if the buyer changes their mind for any reason other than defined in the contract.
This kitten have new owner
STAYS HOME : This kitten stays in our Cattery
We are waiting how the kitten will grow up
I reserve the right to refuse sale of any kitten or cat pictured on this web-page !
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